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Bring your outdoor space some extra.
Complete your look with affordable luxury brand stylish decorative couch pillows...

Outdoor Decorative couch Pillows

Your outdoor space should be a chic, comfortable and an extension of your home. Our collection of bright and cheerful decorative couch pillows makes it easy create a beautiful setting bringing out the color of the spring and summer to complement your outdoor space. Whatever your color motivation, we’ll help you infuse it in your décor, making it an outdoor luxury that makes your space the perfect place to relax, unwind and entertain guests. Our decorative couch pillows are the most versatile selection of outdoor accessories.  They’re durable, easy to clean, and stand up to the outdoor aesthetic. We use customized solids and patterns with decorative cording, fringe and elegant embroidery, designed to coordinate effortlessly with your outdoor space while retaining their vibrant colors for seasons to come. It doesn't get much better then relaxing on a stack of outdoor decorative couch pillows on a perfect summer evening, making your outdoors the perfect relaxation space in your home.

At Fresh air furnishings design center we use weatherproof outdoor fabric to create the perfect balance between your indoor and outdoor space. 

Our outdoor decorative couch pillows, throw pillows and floor pillows will add color and style to your outdoor living furniture and make it an even better place to spend a summer’s eve. The pillows covers can be easily taken off and machine washed to allow for easy maintenance if need be. Our acrylic fibers decorative couch pillows have a large choice of color and textures that are not only soft to the touch but they are also resistant to stains, moisture and sun fade.